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Empowering Women through Business Development and Global Partnerships
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Embolden Women

From fashion to pharmaceuticals, women are producing goods that are being sold all over the world.


Yet the potential to create and generate wealth from their resources is slipping from their grasp. To change their lives for generations to come, women need innovation.


Women need investment. Women need other women who are committed to large-scale impact.


It’s time for a shift in economic power. It’s time to collaborate for change.

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We mobilize women business leaders, organizations, and changemakers who are driven to transform the lives of women.


Through collectives, global exchanges, and partnerships, we elevate women from local traders to empowered entrepreneurs who own a stake in every aspect of the supply chain, from manufacturing to marketing.

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invest in women

When we invest in women, we all rise.

We become better philanthropists, bigger investors, and bolder advocates for global economic equity.


Growth is accelerated. Wealth is created for all women. Families and communities are secured. Economies are fueled. Countries are transformed.


This is the power of our collective voices, influence, and investment.