Economic Development

Enyo International is a woman owned economic development consulting firm formed in 2003 and based in the United States.

Our models are centered on strategic planning, project and program development,implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. Enyo International’s focal areas are economic, workforce and human development.

Enyo International’s vision is to make a difference in every community with a key emphasis in corporate social responsibility by doing but not limited to the following: 1) Serving as platform where private, public and local stakeholders engage in projects to leverage tools and resources effectively to have meaningful impact in communities. 2) Providing consistent long-term training, coaching and guidance to participants to enhance their skills and enable them to live up to their full potential. 3) Creating personalized and customized programs that fit the needs of participants to ensure continuity and sustainability. 4) Establishing strong initiatives through public private partnerships that will transform the lives of citizens and their communities. 5) Empowering teams to develop innovative solutions that will address societal needs and effect change.



Grace Welsing Dzidzienyo, President and CEO of Enyo, has more than 20 years of experience in economic, community, budget planning and small business development. Her core strengths and work has been oriented towards identifying and solving issues in distressed communities and finding sustainable solutions for revitalization and disadvantaged populations on a local and global level.

Over the years, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working for various governmental departments and agencies in capacities such as International Business Administrator, Economic Development Senior Manager and Acting Director, overseeing a multi-million dollar budget.

During the last 18 years, Ms. Dzidzienyo has worked in the office of Economic and Workforce Development, developing, implementing, and managing programs for the aforementioned populations and communities. Her engagement and work with the City and County team includes developing and implementing the Joint Economic Development Strategic Plan (JEDSP), which seeks to bring a more unified approach to policies and agreements between governmental entities. The JEDSP focal areas are centered on Business Retention and Recruitment, Business-Friendly Environment, Infrastructure and Talent Development and Recruitment.

In 1993, Ms. Dzidzienyo was one of the founding members of the first female Rites of Passage in Durham - “Sisters of Sikose.” The purpose of the organization was to cultivate and embolden young girls of African heritage with a concentration placed on self-esteem, enhancing life skills, and developing leadership potential and capacity from an African-centered perspective. Her commitment and passion to public service has led her to serve on several executive boards and committees such as Tanzania Committee- Chair, the International Visitor Council, Foxy 107.1/104.3 - Women’s Empowerment and Networking Conference, the African Union Diaspora Task Team, Spencer Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament for Spinal Cord Injury Research Rehabilitation, the executive board of the Women’s Health Education and Prevention Strategic Alliance of Senegal (WHEPSA).



Ruth Anne Appiah is a Business and Economic Development Professional with 10+ years of experience delivering business requirements and managing project lifecycles. She has extensive knowledge across the public sector working for the United Nations, Freedom House and private sector working in banking, and consulting. Ruth Anne’s background as a public relations manager, consultant, credit analyst, event manager, and non-profit leader has given her immense experience in multi-tasking, coordinating project scope and timelines, as well as delivering on tight deadlines.

She has continuously achieved success through her passion to innovate and create. Her passion to embolden women and girls continues to drive her efforts to create and work with organizations that seek to create a change in how women impact society, organizations and the global economy. Ruth Anne is an innovator and driver for projects in Africa, Europe, and the United States.

At every organization she has worked, she has positioned herself to improve process and performance management. Experienced in leading teams towards economic development, fundraising goals, implementation management, and high-level process and performance improvements. She continues to manage rollout of new services and aligns economic model with best practices. She is proficient in economic development, financial reporting, operations support, strategy, research, proposal creation and partner management.

Tradition &

Enyo International's mission and dedication to the empowerment of women was developed as a tribute to the legacy of Founder, Grace Welsing Dzidzienyo’s grandmother, Madam Grace Welsing Ayensu.

An advocate for gender equality, a prominent business women and one of the first women elected to Parliament in the Republic of Ghana during the era of President Kwame Nkrumah. Grace W. Ayensu (pictured here with Her Excellency Queen Elizabeth II and President Kwame Nkrumah of the Republic of Ghana) was a pioneer in the advancement of women in politics, economics, and social change. She was a trailblazer who fought to shatter the glass ceiling for generations of women.

In addition, Madam Ayensu was a very spiritual, gracious and powerful woman of noble birth who devoted her life in service to her country and believed that nobility is an obligation, not a privilege.