enyo international Inc. (enyo) is a United States based economic development consulting company formed in 2003. enyo’s mission is to assist in creating opportunities for economic sustainability with a focus in Africa and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) through strategic planning, project and program development and implementation. enyo’s focal areas are economic, workforce and human development (primarily women and youth empowerment), project management and small business creation, retention and expansion. 

enyo also procures products and services through its licensed business associate and his network of traders. enyo’s business associate is an international business development and export management company with over 30 years of business and trading experiences in several markets of the world. The company’s primary objective is promoting and developing international business and trade with companies, governmental agencies, other business organizations and individuals in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Caribbean and Europe. 

Grace W. Dzidzienyo, President and CEO of enyo has over 18 years of experience in economic and small business development, particularly targeting distressed communities and disadvantaged populations, both domestically and internationally. She has accepted invitations from high level international governmental and private industry officials to consult on economic and business development strategies and initiatives. Ms. Dzidzienyo has also hosted discussions with international dignitaries on global competitiveness and its impact on economic sustainability.  

Economic, Workforce and Business Development:

enyo’s economic, workforce and business development strategies are based on the principle that the human and economic development of people are vital elements for any country, if it is to be sustainable and globally competitive.Therefore, it is vital that the development and implementation of our strategic plans include the training of a competitive workforce and the creation of an effective and replicable social innovation and entrepreneurial environment.These components provide resources for business creation, retention and market expansion, primarily in the rural areas.

Empowerment Initiatives:
enyo’s empowerment initiatives are intended to strengthen those resources that are invaluable and underutilized: women and youth. The economic empowerment of women in Africa and the LDCs has been proven by United Nations reports, to have a multiplier effect on poverty reduction, wealth creation, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Procurement Services: 
enyo’s procurement of products and services is sourced through its licensed business associate and his network of traders.The product and service lines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Agricultural Commodities and Food Products
  • Agricultural Inputs
  • Agricultural Equipment and Machinery
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Lifting and Handling Equipment
  • Construction Equipment and Machinery
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Communication Equipment and Supplies
  • Electric/Utilities Equipment and Supplies
  • Project Development
  • Export Finance Resources
  • Business Equipment and Machinery
  • Construction Materials
  • Gas and Oil Drilling Supplies